Introducing Langy - Or Alexander Langlands Pearse to his mother. Cirrus Inns and The Epicurean Collection is the brainchild of Langy, our leader. He's not your usual CEO (as you can see by the picture). He's fabulously obsessed with all things British. He's the Proud One in the Family. You can see it in his energy as he moves around the business like a proverbial whirlwind. You'll hear Blue Skies a lot around this guy. (btw wakeboarding is not a skill you need for this job)


We are both proud and honoured to have a brilliant extended Family of suppliers who fill our kitchens and stock our bars with the most amazing ingredients in the land. They all have an amazing story that our guests are just desperate to hear about. If you do decide to join us here at Cirrus Inns we'd love for you to share this passion too.